Earlier, WhatsApp launched its new WhatsApp business app. this is directed towards small businesses, allowing the companies to connect better and faster with customers and also have an established online presence on WhatsApp. This app was launched in few selected markets like Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, U.S. and the U.K., for it to serve as a market test before it finally gets rolled out into other parts of the world.

The app possesses business profiles as well as new messaging tools that would allow business customers are a consistent part of a company’s plan to create more revenue. With the new WhatsApp Business app arriving today, small companies can set up their WhatsApp Business profiles by filling out information like a business description, email, address and website.

It was further stated that when in contact with a business account, people will know when they are talking to a business because these accounts will be tagged as “Business Accounts.”  and with time, once the phone number have been verified as the registered number that matches with that of the company, it will be tagged a confirmed account.

Once established on the WhatsApp network, businesses can then use a series of tools provided by the app, like smart messaging tools that offer similar technology as what you’d find today in Facebook Messenger.

For example, the app offers ‘quick replies’ that provide fast answers to customers’ frequently asked questions; ‘greeting messages’ that introduce customers to the business; and ‘away messages,’ that let customers know you’re busy.

Businesses will also be able to access messaging statistics, which includes the number of messages read, and like the personal WhatsApp account, can send and receive messages from the desktop via the WhatsApp Web.

While businesses will need to use this new app to communicate with customers. And for the general WhatsApp user, there’s no change. They’ll be able to message businesses but can control their experience by blocking numbers and businesses, as well as report spam.

In addition, businesses will only be able to contact people who provided their phone number and agreed to receive messages from the business. The WhatsApp Business is available for download on Google Play. And the app is also only functional on android phones. It however plans to support its usage on other platforms in the nearest future.


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