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First impressions are very important and the importance placed on them is what makes it even more nerve-racking.  If my employment into the few startups I’ve had the opportunity worked with were to be based on first impression, that is the interview, I wouldn’t even have experience that I have today. I stand to be corrected but if rationally looked at, this applies to a larger percent of employees who turned out to have achieved massive success.

More often than none, companies have now based the assessment and interview experience of interviewees as the major base before an individual is finally admitted into the work society. Companies are now interested in getting that finished person. Someone who could obviously marvel them at interviews and who got them blown away with exceptional confidence and composure. Literally mistaking this for talent and often-times forgetting that this could be fluke.

That it could be a facade that had been practiced and mastered overtime. The way interviews are now carried out, so scripted, and sucking all the juice out of a conversation.

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You as the interviewee, maybe because of our socio-cultural setup, have to be composed in a certain manner. Dressed in a certain way that does not really allow you the opportunity to be your own person.

A friend of mine went for a meeting earlier this week with top officials of a certain bank. All dressed in his round-neck and jeans and when he was sharing his whole experience with me, even without finishing, I was like… ‘Holdup, you’re telling me you totally blew up that opportunity by appearing that way?’

And after thinking of my outburst for a while, I got to wonder why I had the thought that his appearing that way literally messed up the whole opportunity. Or who it was that gave the modalities as to how things in this space was to be carried out.

Businesses and companies alike need talent. But this has only been discovered by those who have been willing to ‘break that broken process’.

Instead of a perfect presentation, cover letter and even resume, why not be more focused on the value that such a person has to offer.






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