When it comes to being productivethere is an ultimate end-goal in sight. And once work begins, every action you take is undertaken towards driving or leading you to accomplishing that specific end-goal. This is a smart worker.

A productive activity is one that will somehow push you forward, put you in a place where you weren’t yesterday and ultimately bring you closer to the end goal.Image result for From Static Activity to Everyday Productivity

While being active is carrying out something just for the purpose of doing it. You’re not seeing any tangible results from your activity. But you may feel like you’re working countless hours because eventually the hard work will pay off. Or even for the purpose of you are doing a show-off only.

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Being honest with ourselves, when we say we’re busy or decide to work into the early morning hours we’re just fooling ourselves into thinking that the level of activity is going to turn us into the next big thing.

And then this is a hard worker.

Think about the number of emails you answered today, the number of blogs you wrote, the number of fancy images you created for the social media profile and so on. These are not what define the growth of a multinational business, not even at the startup stages at least anyway.

Certainly there are places where lots of little pieces of work will help. An instance is the financial reports which will need extra care and attention. However getting bogged down into a level of “static activity” is quite easy.

“Static Activity”: The process of completing tasks with the results showing no progression or movement.

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In order to really get into the stratospheric levels of business and growth you need to destroy what we have become accustom to thinking is workplace ‘static’ activity. And turn it into value adding, growth driving, business expanding, team building activities.


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