Startups and the “Conceited Millennial’s”

Group of young people using laptop.

Yeah, even though not everyone has worked or existed in the start up space, we all have a definite picture of what it looks like. Risky (no certainty of what will happen tomorrow), a little chaotic, need of nurturing from every angle, no time to slack off.

If not one but two or more of this define the startup space.

And yeah, different tags have been attributed to millennial. All from laziness, to being conceited, overrated among other terms, but one fact that has irrevocably stood unshaken is their entrepreneurial drive. Studies have attributed a large appetite for risk in this generation compared to what was seen in the previous. And this has led to change in the setup of the workforce and the manner in which career success has been defined.

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Why then do we have more millennial pushing to enter this space as against the already fully established work space?

The second half of the first paragraph holds the answer to all these.

Yeah, the present generation is more into seeing direct result from whatever action they put into what they do and startups provide this very platform. More so providing them with an opportunity for the very direct involvement which might not be evident in a larger corporation.

The sense of purpose cannot be ignored. Startups gives voice to each and every one irrespective of whom that is… so long it’s geared towards the greater good of the company resulting in a feeling of empowerment.

The third reason is flexibility of work structure. Because of the conceited nature of the millennial’s, they do not like being ruled over with an iron or stringent wills. They want their opinions and methods respected, allowing them to show off their abilities and achievement.

They want to dictate when and how they want to function. And because startups often play the gamble to do so, they are willing to play up to the task. Resulting not only into lower pressure within the work space but also a sense of responsibility.

And this makes them to consciously wake everyday with better means to stepping up their game.


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