Paolo Fragomeni
Paolo Fragomeni Alongside co-founder Aprile Elcich, created Voltra

Voltra, a digital music player and store promises artists who sign up directly with Voltra a 100 percent of the revenue from the streams and purchases of their songs.

Voltra is a response to the growing dominance of streaming services in the contemporary music landscape. It currently works on Linux and MacOS but their are plans to expand to other operating systems according to a publication on

Fragomeni (Voltra co-founder)views Voltra as having an ethical mission in which it’s really important for us to create a relationship between artists and listeners. To accomplish this, Voltra encourages the discovery of new music for its users to own. Fragomeni describes Voltra’s music player and store as “symbiotic,” since the app generates song recommendations for users based on the music they already own.

Both Fragomeni and Elcich have spent time playing in bands, and they continue to surround themselves with musicians. With the peer-to-peer opportunities of the internet age, Fragomeni recalls that the pair began to question why there were “so many middlemen taking a cut from artists who are trying to sell their music.”

What Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Has to Beat

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The Voltra team claims that a musician can earn 99 cents after only 10 streams on Voltra, compared to 226 streams on Spotify, 134 on Apple Music, and 146 on Google Play. Spotify’s average payout per stream reportedly ranges from $0.006 to $0.0084, which is split among the music’s various “rights holders,” meaning that 226 streams would yield about $1.50, of which the artist would receive some portion.  According to Fragomeni, about 5,000 participants have already registered in Voltra’s beta test, and the store offers nearly 3 million tracks. And Voltra aims to go live after reaching 10 million tracks, with Fragomeni tentatively projecting a launch date in late May this year. Maybe artists that want more income from their songs should try migrating to Voltra.

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