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Stellar is a decentralized, hybrid blockchain that is fully open-source. It is infrastructure that exists to facilitate cross-asset transfers of value, including payments. With just one integration into the Stellar Network, you will join an open, global financial network where all actors – be they people, payment networks, or banks – have equal access & economic participation. Stellar is transforming financial systems by helping all money everywhere move as fast as email.

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Built in Security

Stellar uses industry-standard public-key cryptography tools and techniques, which means the code is well tested and well understood. All transactions on the network are public, which means the movement of funds can always be audited. Each transaction is signed by whomever sent it using the Ed25519 algorithm, which cryptographically proves that the sender was authorized to make the transaction.

While all transactions are public, banks using Stellar to exchange funds on behalf of individual account holders can keep information about the individuals sending and receiving it private by storing encrypted or unique identifiers in the transaction’s memo field. This allows banks to meet regulatory compliance requirements and keep transaction history verifiable while still keeping privileged information secure.



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