Intriguing Video Shows What Resume Never Reflects


Just this morning I was on the social media today and was checking out Jay Shetty page on facebook and found this inspiring video about resume/CV. Several CEO or Top executives were asked to look at some resumes to give their idea if they would hire such person. But from the look of things they didn’t even pick anyone using that resume. So should we say resumes/cv are obsolete or do they still tell or give complete knowledge about a person? More inspiring was the third resume that the name was stripped open in the video and the executive found out it was his child’s resume and the other it was his friend. And somewhere resumes of popular people when they were 25 years of age but have had to fight to become who they are now.

Some of the wisdom of great people are built under, the foundation of other great people who gave them opportunities. They all have mentors and coaches or people they look up to and want to be better than. Been able to do well at a job is not just about been book smart an example is Laszlo Bock who was formerly the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google. So more people need to understand this and give people who willing to learn and grow the opportunity and the way to know this is by interviewing them one on one and making the interview process as interactive and stress-free as possible.

I have hired people who literally knew little about a job but just with few book I gave to them and a little advice. I was not even focused on how the outcome will be since it was just to hire someone cheap I thought. But I was amazed at the outcome in just one month. This guy could read anything I throw at him and implement them in an instant and I was now looking like the lazy one in a matter of 3 months.

Since he get to ask for more work and I was like dude I think you have done enough, this tends to mean lack of experience is just a word that can be transformed with the right opportunity. So I think hiring manager should learn not to be afraid to try harder, we live in a fast moving high tech world. But that technology can not replace the conversation we need to have with people

Some comments in this post were outstanding and controversial but here are a few below;

Vivek BhattMy manager never reads a resume. He places them in his draw. He said that meeting someone gives you a true sense of who that person is, their potential, work ethics, willingness to learn and their overall attitude! Your attitude towards life will take you places, not your resume.

Seth VoseThese days resumes are parsed through automation engines when uploaded online.

Unfortunately, that’s the new game we have to play. So what I do in my cover letter is in any blank space I type out a slew of keywords (aka buzzwords) and put it in white colored font so when it’s printed it doesn’t show but when it is scanned by a computer it has every word that they’re looking for so at least it gets to stage two. Secure the word doc with a password.

It’s a shame it has come to this.

Alice GbeliaI usually hate leaving negative comments but how is this video inspiring?? My takeaway is that today millennials have a lot of ways to get experience outside of the corporate world that can serve them to get that first job. You can volunteer, create a video, use social media to make yourself an expert. To be 25 today and not having anything to show on your cv is a no-no. I’d even say that it’s lazy.

Ishita GraceWell this is a great video but in real life, totally opposite scenario. I hope every HR should watch this and your name should be kept hidden and confidential till they select a final candidate to avoid discrimination based on gender, race and ethnicity and also on “Name”

Jamie Newman Jr.A resume is only a list of things you have accomplished. It is not a list of things you can achieve.

Ginny ClydeHow is this supposed to be helpful to a person looking for a job? Every day we get rejected by companies for lack of experience until the day we settle for less than what we deserve. The cycle continues. This video provides no solution. I am not being negative, but this was not helpful to me.

In conclusion, I think Hiring managers should look into having one on one interview with people and not just let their resume/cv pass through an automated bot. We need to strike up a conversation, talk to people and learn to help people grow. Because that might be the next guy that can save the company or add value to the company, but if not given a chance how will they flourish or be the best. How will they get experience if they are fresh out of school.?They need someone that can bring out the best in them as long as they are willing to learn. We all talk about the grave been the wealthiest place but some of this guys have actually tried to be somebody and they never got the chance because nobody trusted them. Yes, we might say but some did it alone and are successful now. But not everyone has that continuous zeal or determination to get up when faced down. So it just might be better if we equally give them a chance and it won’t take anything from us if we just try. Moreover, the executives in the video were given an opportunity too someone that believed in them. So please drop your comment in the comment box below to share your views will be glad to hear it and reply.


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