Google has opened a new “Digital Skills Academy” at one of its Central London offices as it looks to familiarize as many people as possible with its products and make people more online savvy. This Google’s recent investment in London is set to put the tech company at the heart of the city

The 40,000 square foot space — based in an existing Google office at 123 Buckingham Palace Road in Victoria —will be filled with Google products and Google staff who will aim to pass on their knowledge to the Academy’s attendees.

The centre, located at 123 Buckingham Palace Road in Victoria, will open during London Tech Week (12 to 16 June) and will teach people how to improve their digital skills.

Ronan Harris, Google UK MD, said in a statement: “The Academy has been created to educate and inspire everyone from schoolchildren to CEOs as part of Google’s plans to help build digital capability across the country.”

The Academy will run a range of tailored courses, a Google spokesperson said. It’s unclear when the courses will commence and how much they’ll cost.

It has been designed with a “retro Brighton” theme in mind. Which means there is an “Electric Cinema, Beach, and Funfair styled auditoriums.

Schemes like this perfectly compliment the Mayor’s Digital Talent Programme that will nurture the next generation of digital enthusiasts. So we can continue to provide all businesses in London with much-needed home-grown digital talent.”

The opening of the Academy has been backed by charities. And supported by the UK government, in an effort to drive digital skills within the UK. During its opening week, the Google Academy will offer a ‘Get Started in Tech’ course. Run by the Prince’s Trust, offering training to participants on how to use video and technology to create a ‘brand story’.

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The Academy will also play host to a Leaders In Tech Summit. A two-day event that will bring together policy makers, entrepreneurs and tech leaders. With speakers such as Sir Martin Sorell and Eileen Burbidge MBE

Elsewhere in London, Google is in the process of setting up a giant new headquarters in King’s Cross that will be able to accommodate up to 7,000 Googlers when it is finished. Google also has an office at Tottenham Court Road and a startup space in Shoreditch called “Campus”.



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