From 9-5 Hustle to Entrepreneur Bustle (2)

Hope you had an insight-filled day with our very own performance coach, business strategist, author, and change catalyst Anita Okanigbe-John. This is one of a kind entrepreneurship lesson you can not get anywhere. And we are grateful to have her share this with our readers. Today’s lesson is on Key factor number four: Good relationships. In her own words she explains this:

If there’s one thing you need as you transition into full-time entrepreneurship, it would be to have good relationships. We’ve all heard the saying ‘no man is an island’. You certainly can not survive in life all by yourself and this is so true in business as well.

Let no one kid you, doing business is hard especially in Nigeria. Not only will you struggle at the initial stage, you will spend the first few years broke except of course your father is Dangote or you’d saved up enough millions before venturing out.

Because of the uncertainty associated with entrepreneurship, more often than none, you will be frustrated at the beginning. And at such times, it would help if you have friends who would offer genuine concern and encouragement. So before you venture out and during your journey, you need to cherish and nurture good relationships.

Even with a mentor and a business coach, I would not have come this far without amazing friends in my life. I don’t know about you but there are certain things I cannot tell my coach or mentor. There have been days when I lay awake at night or cry myself to sleep while making a mental note to put an end to the madness of entrepreneurship in the morning but just before I get round to doing it, a call from a good friend brings me back to my senses.

I cannot articulate into words how I felt when on the verge of giving up, a dear friend says to me ‘Anita, you can do this’ or ‘Anita, you are much more than you give yourself credit for’. The two most cherished ones are ‘Anita, you were born for this so you can’t give up’ and Anita, if you persevere the world will hear your story’. And as I write this day, my story has gone beyond the shores of Nigeria. I know without a shadow of the doubt that CNN will come looking for me soon.

The part I chose has separated me from a lot of friends and this is ok for me because we were not heading towards the same direction. As at today, I have very few friends and I cherish them like gold because they understand where I am going and they encourage, support and push me (sometimes hard) to get to my destination.

So if you are starting out as an entrepreneur and you don’t have good friends, I encourage you to cultivate that. And if you do have good friends, please cherish them and nurture that relationship.

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Watch out for key factor number five.

See you at the top.


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