Almost every lady would agree that there is the existence of a sort of connection between them and the desires for shoes, all varieties of them from flats, heels wedges, buckled, peep toes and other varieties of them.

Women just tend to fall easily head over heels in love with them. And on the average, a lady owns about twenty pairs of shoes at a given time, all this to suit various occasions.

As much as it is very tantalising to go on and on in some specific shape of shoes, it is a well-known fact that this can be very detrimental to ones comfort and this often times pushes them to purchase various shapes of shoes, even in the same colour. This is so as to spice up the look for various occasions, leading to the increment in the cost for its purchase, which has its own well-known effect on the pocket.

This has always served as a cause for concern for ladies if you know what I mean and at one point or another, there could have been this wish to change the shape of one’s shoe at one point or another during the day for one particular occasion or another. This can be attributed to the unexplainable connection and satisfaction felt when one is wearing the perfect shoe for an occasion and is so comfortable with it.

You don’t have to stress any further as a German Company has now started creating shoes with five different interchangeable heels, so it can be worn for the various occasion.

Mime et Moi has now revolutionised the way shoes come. This new generation of shoes has almost if a not perfect innovative function that allows for height adjustment at any time of the day, creating a perfect companion for the whole day.

These heels come in various heights and shapes and can easily be carried all about all through the day, creating the perfect opportunity to style ones look as one pleases.

They can be bought online now for around £180.


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