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At the beach side today and despite it being almost my first experience, I just felt this unexplainable pull to want to go more and more into the beach. Wanting to enjoy every bit of the wave not placing into consideration my inability to swim and the rate at which the wave was constantly coming in.

And then I began to wonder more and finally understood why the constant warnings were maintained. Especially as regards the wave and you timing it when you’re in the water. With more emphasize placed on the fact that a single distraction. Then fixation is all that it takes for you to let your guard down and probably lead to the undesirable.

The first step into the beach is all it takes, all looking rather interesting and so mind blowing as against the warning voice at the back of your head. With every inch into it better than the previous and you feeling so fly with yourself. Then pushing you to finally dare the rapidly coming wave.

And when it’s finally so close-up, you begin to feel so tensed up seeing the danger with little or no opportunity to get a grip of yourself and securing yourself.

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This short analogy can be likened to what startups encounter most times into the business. As a start up, you would get to that point where every opportunity gets so attractive. Bu mind you, most of them are just there as a distraction to let your guards down .

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Being an entrepreneur comes with loads of benefits which might significantly all surround creating your own freedom. While also giving you the opportunity to make impact in the life of the end users.

To drive towards ensuring this major aim requires focus. Its might probably be hard with lots of side way opportunity to take you off the end goal and seeming like the easy way out.

This appear more often, especially when you’re good at what you do, pursuing your career, opportunities will be very much available, like loads of them. And as this continues, the problem wouldn’t be finding the opportunity but actually choosing the one that is right for you and your business.

You would be faced with all forms of opportunities, ranging from the lucrative ones to the not so lucrative ones. And by the way, an opportunity that’s really a distraction almost always looks great. It will seem like an easy way to make money, and it will be similar to what you do. I will excite you at first. However, it will deviate in at least one important way.

Making you lose the balance which would definitely be detrimental to the growth of the business and eventually keeping you from achieving your bench mark.

Mind you, this can be prevented. All it will cost you is to take time back to analyze the situation and opportunity. Compare and see if it aligns with the general goal of the business. And not just at the short term but at the long run.

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Conclusively, it would be really worth it to note that an opportunity is not really an opportunity. Especially if it deviates from your goals even when it is lucrative and looks great



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