The kind of body shape that an individual possesses has been a reoccurring thought in the mind of almost every human being. 

To begin with, there are diverse kinds of body shape and there is no ideal body shape. The body shape is basically one of the major reasons why no matter how much weight one loses or the amount of exercise an individual does, they do not seem to attain that specific body shape that they already have pictured in their mind. This can be attributed to the fact that the body shape of an individual is basically defined by such individual’s skeletal structure and this often time become much more pronounced after puberty.

This body shape, also say; skeletal structure goes a long way in defining what suits you best in terms of clothing style and type that an individual chooses to get.

So, instead of trying so desperately to change that body type, why not try wearing clothing items that suits the shape. I mean, attires that pronounce that particular body part that you are confident about or highlights you distinguishing features.

Each and every body shape has its own advantageous point and if you would agree with me, no matter the kind of body shape that you as an individual may possess, you definitely have those body parts which you would love to make more pronounce in your day to day living.

Thankfully enough, today’s choice of clothing is so diverse that there is more than enough for everyone to make them more than comfortable in their own skin no matter their color, scale, body shape or even height.

Before delving into few of the body types in this article, it is important to learn how to go about body measurement as that would help in giving an individual a precise understanding of the kind of body shape that such individual possess, as mirror could be deceiving.

Certainty would be very much more achieved if this measurement is carried out by someone else other than the person on whom the measurement is to be carried out. The parts to be measured includes, shoulder, bust, waist and hips.

For the measurement of the shoulder, a measuring tape should be placed at the tip of one part of the shoulder and then the measuring tape is taken round the shoulder till it meets the tip where the measurement started. This should be done using the very tip of the shoulder as this is the widest circumference of the shoulder.

The next point of measurement is the bust. At this point, the measured individual is required to stand up straight with the tip of the measuring tape placed at the fullest part of the bust and then the measuring tape is taken round the individual without making it tight.

And for the third point which is the waist, the measuring tape should be wrapped around the torso, at the smallest part of the individual’s waist, just above the belly button.

Lastly for the hip, , for this part, the measuring tape is to be placed right below the hip bone which apparently is the largest part of the bottom and then take the measuring tape round to meet the starting point.

Conclusively, having gotten the measurement of every of this body parts, the body shape of an individual can now be gotten from it. There are diverse body shapes and some them includes, the pear body shape, rectangle body shape, apple body shape, inverted triangle body shape, hourglass body shape, among others.


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