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Are you feeling angry in life with people who have wronged you, frustrated by opportunities you haven’t received, limited by obstacles that prevent you from making changes,
discouraged by failures and setbacks, ashamed of yourself for mistakes you’ve made,
disappointed in yourself for making the “wrong” choices, anxious about everything that isn’t working in your life?

Then you’re human.

We all feel these things at times. A hero, however, isn’t controlled or limited by them.

A hero is proactive, empowered, and committed to growth as well as forward momentum. Not a passive audience member watching life go by. Pretend that right now you are in that part of a movie that starts and it shows you as a loser, and then you just decide not to be a loser

It can be hard to view ourselves objectively because we’re in our heads all day, every day, and sometimes we’re too close to our challenges to recognise how they may actually work for us, not against us.

It’s a whole different story when we watch a movie and see a character in similar circumstances.

We empathise with them, despite their flaws; we root for their happiness and success; and we invest ourselves in seeing them learn, grow, and attain not just what they want, but also what they need.

Everything happening all around us doesn’t just sound like a movement. It actually sounds kind of like a movie.

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And when we watch most of those films, most of us pick sides, standing and cheering in solidarity with the “good guys.”

So, why does it seem like so many people who love those movies can’t see that we’re all living in an epic blockbuster resistance movie right now?

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It’s not about being selfish or convincing yourself that the world revolves around you.
It’s about changing how you see yourself, what you believe is possible for you, and what you tell yourself and do as a result.

And this also magnifies the impact you’re able to make on the world. Which means everyone around you benefits.

When you see yourself as the hero of our own story, you radically transform how you perceive and treat yourself, how you view and meet challenges, and what you believe you deserve and can achieve in life.


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