Digital Marketing and Dating; the Analogy


I work with entrepreneurs who ask me to help them with their digital marketing. These are people who are self-starters, the real go-getters in life, but often in this area they just don’t understand the rules of the game.

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Frequently I teach it to them I use the analogy of dating. Sometimes that doesn’t work either, since these people are so focused on their careers they often are single and likely going to stay that way until they’re rich and the tables turn.

My point though is this: in digital marketing you are reaching out to an audience to increase their awareness of your product or service and you want to engage them to the point where they will become customers. This is not that different from dating.

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In dating we want to be dancing with the other person, at least metaphorically. I take a step towards them, and then they take a step towards me. It’s a give and take as we get closer and learn about each other’s likes and dislikes, we figure out how we can fit together as a couple or not.

Digital marketing is similar: you post a tweet and someone retweets. This implies that they like you. Maybe it’s a funny tweet or an informative tweet but in any case, they’re now more invested in you. As well as your chances of converting them from viewer to client have just increased.

But there’s some dancing to be done, you have to engage them back. This is great news because you now you can find out what their wants, needs and dislikes are. As you learn more about them, you can start to customize your marketing to your lead’s preferences.

Whether you use a quick poll on SurveyMonkey, or just have followers post their favorite food item in the comments of your Instagram feed, that type of feedback is crucial to developing the relationship between you and your audience.

The beauty of this new digital world we live in is that the feedback is raw, unfiltered and immediate.

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Kind of like dating in person; you know extremely quickly if there’s no chemistry or worse there’s an actual antipathy.

When you’re looking to build your business the best thing you can do is get active on the dating scene and learn how people date. Because it’s almost the same way that we need to approach our digital marketing these days.

Be interesting, be interested, and be present. If you can do that with your dates, you can do that with your digital marketing.


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