Most times one wonders how individual in the corporate world survive the Mondays and Fridays meeting all cramped up in their suits, sitting around a long table discussing business on the outside, completely bored on the inside and with the tensed mood. And when asked, its main motive is to conduct business which is characterized with boring long talk, expressionless face, stuffy clothing and a tensed up atmosphere.

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While most may argue that a casual setting and outside office space may prove to encourage reduction in professionalism, laziness and might not allow room for quick and fast brainstorming. But when considering most successful tech companies, it would be discovered that 85% of the employees that contribute to its successful achievement go about wearing the most casual of all wears. This people are given the freedom to find the best position and mode of work that would enhance their productivity.

The importance of establishing this kind of casual atmosphere for employees is promising and quite huge, as when individuals put less of their energy in other by-products, they are given the chance to be creative and innovative in what they do. This might absolutely look like a huge change to the office setting when one as an employer is trying to consider adopting the Facebook or Google kind of setting; why not consider the scenario surrounding the next staff or company meeting.

An instance of this is considering a random location like the home of one of the employees or even using a popular hangout spot. This would help diffuse the tension usually associated with the normal company meeting and give the employees the opportunity to meet each other outside the company space and feel relaxed with each other’s company. This will further lead to the sharing of ideas freely with one another which would in turn boost innovation.

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